Buy in Bulk

Our extensive bulk section offers the chance to save by buying as much – or as little – as you need. It’s friendly to your wallet and to the environment by reducing packaging.

Our extensive bulk section offers the chance to save by buying as much – or as little – as you need. It’s friendly to your wallet and to the environment by reducing packaging.

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The Co-op won Rhode Island Magazine’s “Best of Bulk in South County!” You can choose from over 200 bulk items ranging from flours, pastas, fresh medicinal and culinary herbs and spices, nuts, snacks to cleaning items. SAVE on your wallet, SAVE on containers and SAVE by buying only what you need.

The following items are generally available in bulk:


Organic 100% Corn Pasta, Gluten Free

Organic Whole Wheat Rotini Pasta

Organic Durum Wheat Penne Rigate PastaPasta

Organic Durum Semolina Wheat Small Shells

Organic Orzo


All Natural, Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Flour

Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Flour

Organic Quinoa Flour

Organic Gluten Free Yellow Cornmeal, USA

Organic Whole Grain Stone Ground Ryebulk pasta

Organic Whole Wheat Bread Flour

Organic Unbleached All Purpose Flour, USA

Organic Pancake and Waffle Multigrain Mix

Organic White Spelt Flour

Organic Whole Grain Spelt Flour

Organic Whole Wheat Pastry

Organic Artisan Wheat Flour

Organic Graham Flour

Organic All Purpose Baking Corn Flower, Gluten Free

Organic Oat Flour, Gluten Free



Organic Quinoa with Vegetablesjasmine rice

Organic Brown Jasmine Rice, Gluten Free

Organic Jasmine Rice

Organic Long Grain Rice

Organic Sushi Rice

All Natural Bhutanese Red Rice (Lotus Foods)

All Natural Wild Blend Rice   Organic Rolled Oats

Organic Quick Oats

Organic Steel Cut Oats

Organic Fine Premium Oat BranCharlie-p

Organic Whole Oat Groats

Organic Buckwheat Groats

Organic Bulger Wheat

Organic Ivory Quinoa

Organic Red Quinoa

Organic Whole Wheat Couscous

Organic Wheat Bran

Organic Wheat Flakes

Organic Rye Flakes

Organic Toasted Spelt Flakes

Gluten Free Organic Quinoa Flakes

Organic Hulled Millet

Organic Hard Red Wheat Winterberries

Organic Hulled Barley

Organic Rye Berries

Organic Kamut

Organic Spelt Berries

Organic Amaranth

Organic Long Brown Rice

Organic Short Brown Rice

Organic Arborio Rice

Organic Whole Basmati Rice

Organic Brown Basmati Rice

Organic Yellow Popcorn

Organic White Popcorn


Organic Adzuki Beanskidney beans

Organic Baby Lima Beans

Organic Black Eyed Peas

Organic Black Turtle Beans

Organic Cannellini Beans

Organic Dark Red Kidney Beans

Organic Garbanzo Beans

Organic Great Northern Beans

Organic Navy Beans

Organic Pinto Beans

Organic Soybeans

Organic Brown Lentilslegumes

Organic French Lentils

Organic Green Lentils

Organic Red Lentils

Organic Yellow Split Peas

Organic Split Peas

Organic Mung Beans

All Natural Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP), Non-GMO


All Natural Coconut Almond Granola

Organic Backroads Granola

Organic Flax + granola with Pumpkin

All Natural New England Natural Pecan Splendor Granola

All Natural Save the Forest Granola

All Natural Vegan Breadshop New England Supernatural Granola

All Natural Honey Gone Nuts Granola

Seasoning and Baking

All Natural Sea Salt

All Natural Nutritional Yeast

All Natural Powdered Sugar, Paraguay

All Natural Turbinado Sugar/ Dermerara Sugar

Organic Sucanat

Organic Cane Sugar, Paraguay

Dried Fruit, Nuts, and Seeds

Organic Raw Sunflower Seedsalmonds

Organic Roasted and Salted Sunflower Seeds

Organic Raw Pumpkin Seeds  Organic Ginger Crystals

All Natural Grandy Oats Trail Mix

All Natural Cranberries, sweetened with apple juice

Organic Bing Cherries

Organic Pineapple Rings

Organic Dried Mango

Organic Mission Figs

Organic White Turkish Figs

Organic Unsulfured Apricots

Organic Unsulfured Apple Rings

Organic Raw Almonds

Organic Raw Cashews

Organic Roasted Salted Cashew Nuts

Organic Salted Mixed Nuts

Organic Tamari Almonds

Raw Walnuts  Organic

All Natural Raw Walnuts

Organic Salted Pistachio Nuts

All Natural Dry Roasted Peanuts

Organic Shredded Coconut

Organic Sundried Tomatoes

Organic Goji Berries


All Natural Coconut Carob Rice Cakes

All Natural Carob Rice Cakes

All Natural Dark Chocolate Almonds

All Natural Chocolate Toffee Almonds

All Natural Carob Unsweetened Almonds

All Natural Yogurt Raisins

All Natural Peanut Butter Pretzels

All Natural Yogurt Pretzels

All Natural Sundrops

Organic Chocolate Chunks of Energy

All Natural Wild Rice Sticks

All Natural Sesame Sticks

All Natural Sesame Sticks Poppy & Onion

Bulk Cooking & Baking Liquids

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oilbulk oils

Organic Sunflower Oil

Organic Canola Oil

Organic Tamari Soy Sauce, Wheat Free

Organic White Wine Vinegar

Agave Nectar

Balsamic Wine Vinegar

Organic Toasted Sesame Oil

Organic Brown Rice Vinegar

All Natural Pure Vanilla Extract, Sugar Free

Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar

Watch Hill Farm Honey

Organic Blackstrap Molasses

Bulk Soaps, Lotions, & Cleaning Products

Organic Tate’s The Natural Miracle Shampoobulk soaps

Organic Tate’s The Natural Miracle Conditioner

Dr. Bronner’s magic Soap, made with Organic Oils    (Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Hemp Almond, Unscented baby mild)

Alaffia Coconut & Shea Daily Hydrating Conditioner, Fair Trade

Alaffia Coconut & Shea Daily Hydrating Shampoo,  Fair Trade

Alaffia Virgin Coconut & Shea Daily Hydrating Shampoo,   Fair Trade

Organic Vermont Soap Organic Bath and Shower Gel

Bio Pac Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid

Automatic Dishwashing Powder

Bio Pac Ultra Laundry Liquid

Concentrated Laundry Powder

Baking Soda

All Purpose Clean- All natural Household Surface Cleaner,  Non-toxic Biodegradable

Non-Chlorine Bleach Powder

Coffee Beans

Café Blend Pierce Bros, Organic & Fair TradeDave's coffee

Holy Smokes Pierce Bros, Organic & Fair Trade

Peru Vienna Decaf

Birds and Beans Scarlet Tanager, Organic, Bird Friendly & Shade Grown

Birds and Beans Baltimore Oriole Decaf, Organic, Bird Friendly & Shade Grown

Defogger Pierce Bros Swiss Water Decaf, Organic     & Fair Trade

Dark French Pierce Bros, Organic & Fair Trade

Espresso Pierce Bros  Organic & Fair Trade

Black Bear Blend Pierce Bros, Organic & Fair Trade

Fogbuster Pierce Bros, Organic & Fair Trade

Medicinal Herbs

Lily’s Garden Herbals Women’s Tonic Tea Blendlily's teas

Lily’s Garden Herbals Calming Blend

Lily’s Garden Herbals ‘Anti-viral’ Herbal Tea blend

Lily’s Garden Herbals Four Herb Tea blend

Lily’s Garden Herbals Spring Tonic Tea blend

Organic Wild Harvest Oats Milky Tops

Farmacy Herbs Sweet Heart Tea

Organic Alfalfa Leaf Cut

Organic Black Cohash Root Cut

Organic Boneset Herb

Organic Chickweed Herb Cut

Organic Catnip, leaf and Flower Cut

Organic Cramp Bark Cut

Organic Damiana Leaf Cut

Organic Dandelion Leaf Cut

Organic Dandelion Root Cut

Organic Echinacea Purpurea Herb Cut

Organic Elder, European Berries

Organic Elder, European Flowers

Organic Eleuthero Root Cut

Organic Ginger Root Cut

Organic Hawthorn Berries

Organic Hibiscus Flowers Cut

Organic Horehound Herb Cut

Organic Horsetail Herb Cut

Organic Hyssop Herb Cut

Organic Lady’s Mantle Herb Cut

Organic Lemon Balm Leaf Cut

Organic Lemon Verbena Leaf Cut

Organic Chinese Licorice Root Cut

Organic Marshmallow Root Cut

Organic Milk Thistle Seed

Organic Motherwort Herb Cut

Organic Mullein Leaf Cut

Organic Nettle Leaf Cut

Organic Oat Straw Green Tops Cut

Organic Oregon Grape Root Cut

Organic Passion Flower Herb Cut

Organic Peppermint Leaf Cut

Organic Plaintain Leaf Cut

Organic Rosehips Cut and Deseeded

Organic St. John’s Wort Herb Cut

Organic Scullcap Herb Cut

Organic Spearmint Leaf Cut

Organic Spirulina Powder

Organic Uva ursi Leaf

Organic White Willow Bark Cut

Organic Wild Yam Root Cut

Organic Yarrow Herb Cut

Organic Licorice Sticks Herbal

Organic Burdock Root Cut

Organic Raspberry Leaf Cut

Organic German Chamomile Flowers

Organic Calendula Flowers

Kaolin Clay Powder

Bentonite Clay Powder

Green Clay Powder

Organic Red Clover

Organic Astralagus Root Sliced

Organic Wild Harvest Astralagus Root Cut and Sliced

Organic Slippery Elm Bark Cut

Organic Sheet Sorrel Herb Cut

Organic Rhubarb Root Cut

Culinary Herbs        

Red Roses and Petalsbulk spices and herbs

Organic Lavender Flowers

Organic Tapioca Pearls

Himalayan Pink Salt

Course Sea Salt

Organic Pickling Spice

Organic Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Organic Cornstarch

Baking Soda Powder

Arrowroot Powder

Bakewell Cream

Buttermilk Powder

Organic Light Roast Carob Powder

Organic Dutch Cocoa Powder

Cream of Tarter Powder

Xanthum Gum

Alfalfa Seed, Sprouting

Organic Marjoram Leaf

Organic Brown Mustard Seed

Organic Yellow Mustard Seed

Organic Yellow Mustard Seed Powder

Hot Mustard Seed Powder

Organic Nutmeg powder

Organic Whole Nutmeg

Organic Minced Onion

Organic Minced Powder

Organic Oregano Leaf

Organic Cumin Seed

Organic Cumin Seed Powder

Organic Curry Powder, salt-free

Organic Dill Weed, Cut

Organic Fennel Powder

Organic Fennel Seed

Organic Fenugreek Seed

Organic Fenugreek Seed Powder

Organic Five Spice Powder

Organic Garam Masala

Organic Anise Seed

Organic Allspice Berry

Organic Allspice Powder

Organic Basil Leaf, Sweet, Cut and Sift

Organic Cardamom Pods

Organic Cardamom Seed

Organic Cardamom Seed Powder

Organic Caraway Seed

Organic Celery Salt

Organic Celery Seed

Organic Cilantro Leaf Cut

Organic Cinnamon Powder

Organic Cinnamon Sticks

Organic Cloves Powdered

Organic Whole Cloves

Organic Coriander Seed

Organic Coriander Seed Powder

Organic Garlic Granules

Organic Minced Garlic

Organic Garlic Powder

Organic Garlic Salt

Organic Ginger Root Powder

Simply Organic Herbes de Provence

Organic Italian Seasoning, salt-free

Organic Kelp Powder

Veggie Pepper, Salt Free Seasoning

Organic Gourmet Peppermill Three Pepper Blend

Organic Peppercorns Whole Black, Fair Trade

Organic Black Pepper Medium Grind, Fair Trade

Organic Black Pepper Coarse Grind,  Fair Trade

Organic Parsley Leaf Flakes

Organic Spanish Paprika Powder

Organic Ground White Pepper, Fair Trade

Organic Poppy Seed

Organic Rosemary leaf

Organic Sage Leaf Rubbed

Thai Seasoning

Organic Thyme Leaf

Organic Turmeric Root Powdered, Fair Trade

Organic Winter Savory, Cut

Non-fat Dry Milk Powder

Vegetarian Broth Powder, Chicken Flavor

Vegetable Broth Powder

Vegetarian Gravy Mix, Mushroom Flavor

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Dulse Flakes

Chipotle Chili peppers

Organic Red Anaheim Chili Peppers

Fiesta Chili Powder

Organic Chili Powder Blend

Extra Hot Chili Powder, Salt Free Seasoning

Organic Bay Leaf

Organic Star Anise


Organic White Peony

Organic Rooibos, Fair Trade

Organic Se Chung Special Oolong

Organic Kukicha Twig

Organic Gunpowder Green, Fair Trade

Organic English Breakfast, Fair Trade

Organic Earl Grey CO2 Decaf, Fair Trade

Organic Earl Grey, Fair Trade

Organic Dragonwell

Organic Darjeeling, Fair Trade

Organic Chai Black, Fair Trade

Refrigerated Bulk Items                 

Organic Raw Pine Nuts

Organic Golden Flaxseed Meal

All Natural Raw Un-hulled Sesame Seeds


Organic Seitan

Organic Mechanically Hulled Sesame Seeds

Lecithin Granules, Non-GMO

Raw Wheat Germ

Organic Hemp Seed

Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Brown Flax Seed

Bee Pollen

Toasted Wheat Germ

Red Star Active Dry Yeast

Maca 100% Raw, Not Pasteurized

Organic Vermont Maple Syrup, Grade A

Organic Mejool Dates

Organic Jumbo Flame Raisins

Organic Currants

Organic Dried Bananas

Organic Tart Cherries

Organic Coconut Rolled Dates

Silvered Almonds

Organic Thompson Seedless Raisins

Organic Pitted Prunes