Coop Member

What Membership means.

A consumer cooperative is a business owned by the people who utilize its services. As a member/owner patronizing your very own business, you help ensure its success and will help grace the community with a local organic foods store that provides high quality goods and services. You will also be helping to support the local community as well as Rhode Island organic agriculture.

Membership benefits.

  • Partnering in ownership of the store, not just a customer!
  • Ability to pre-order items from our main distributor at lower prices and monthly specials.
  • Receive discounts on monthly specials in every department
  • Opportunity to volunteer and receive up to a 20% discount if you commit to 4 hrs a week, for at least three consecutive months; 12% for 2 hours per week and 6% for one hour.
  • Eligibility to participate in committee and development work.
  • Right to vote on all Board elections and by-law amendments.
  • Opportunity to be elected and serve on our Board of Directors.

Membership rates.

Membership is renewed a year from the date you sign up.
Initial one time equity payment is $50 single/$100 for family plus an annual membership due of $25 per individual. New members receive 10% off for the first month.


You can pay $200 for a lifetime membership with $25 annual dues for every individual with 10% off for three months.

Businesses pay a one time equity of $150 and $100 annual dues with advertising from the Co-op to support your business.

Membership fees are used for working capital and are not refundable.

Download our form today or visit the store today to join.

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